Members of Association Global Montenegro from Sutomore are experts of visual arts in the fields of photography, film, television, web design, also music, fine art and drama. Up to now, have realized a number of national and international projects, achieving cooperation with eminent artists around the world.

In addition the association is engaging in promotion, publishing, collaboration, organizing, promoting multiculturalism, informal education, tourism, etc.

The most successful projects are:
Multimedia portal in 6 languages that promote culture and tourism of Montenegro;
Web site about promotion of Montenegro souvenirs:
Photo exhibition "The town of Bar in past and now" 2010:
Documentary movie about the town of Bar "Bar Only" 2011:
Printed edition about preview the last 10 years of improving infrastructure of town of Bar;
Music for the emission "Europe District" on French television "France 24" 2011;
Educational videos appropriate for children between 6-14 years;
Cooperation with folklore ensembles;
Cooperation with artists from Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and France.

Aims and objectives:

assisting the establishment of new NGOs;
continue to promote and support the work of civil society in Montenegro;
connecting NGOs in Montenegro and other countries;
affirmation of the importance of NGOs in Montenegro;
to achieve other goals that are in the interest of the organization;
to promote tourist places and facilities;
cooperation with the municipality, schools, colleges and other institutions, organizations, businesses and institutions in order to create conditions for increasing the quality and quantity of work of NGOs;
contribution to connecting people and people of different nationalities;
artistic and literary creation and performing arts;
other entertainment activities not mentioned elsewhere;
publishing brochures, order to enrich the cultural heritage of Montenegro;
publishing of sound recordings, and other forms of presentation of cultural creativity.